Someone who “can’t see the forest for the trees” has typically become  focused on bits and pieces and cannot see the overall situation. Much of our information comes from media which controls our focus by giving us only what they want us to see.  Also, our leaders at all levels may have hidden agendas that are not easy to see.  Occasionally, we are the problem.  This may happen when we support an action or policy because it benefits us personally, while we do not see the impact on others; it may be missed or ignored.  Short-term impacts may have long-term consequences.  When this happens, freedom and liberty may be lost.

The purpose of this blog is to help people “see the forest” by presenting current situations in Montana and providing a different perspective.  Educated and aware citizens can effectively change the course when necessary.

Some of the goals for this blog:

  • focus on anything that goes against the core values of the U.S. and Montana constitutions
  • promote transparency and accountability in government
  • promote a responsible alternative to media misrepresentation

Because I live in Polson, one major focus will be Polson.  But, I also live in Lake County, Northwest Montana, and Montana.  Like an expanding horizon, these areas will also receive attention.


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