Western Montana Water Rights

Note:  our sincerest thanks to Senator Debby Barrett President of the Montana Senate, for this OpEd piece concerning the water compact.  It has gone out to newspapers state wide.  It is wonderful to know that our voices have not gone unheard.  Share this with everyone you know!!!!!!!!!!

CSKT Water Compact throws thousands of Montanans “under the bus”

By: Senator Debby Barrett

As a rancher with deep roots on a family place in southwest Montana, I know something about the importance of history—and water rights.  I also understand negotiation and compromise.  That’s why I have served on the state’s Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission since 2011 and voted for some compacts. However, during my time on the reserved water rights commission, I’ve voted “no” to provisions within this compact on seven occasions.  Here is why I will not support the proposed CSKT Compact.

The Legislature’s role is to examine a proposed compact…

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