Western Montana Water Rights

Note:  Below please find an article from the Western Ag Reporter 01/15/15.  Western Ag Reporter has been very good about covering the CSKT Water Issue.  Please thank them with your support.

The 10,000 Claims Hoax… Fear Mongering in Montana

Catherine Vandemoer, Ph.D.

Residents and legislators in eastern Montana have been threatened by the Compact Commission, compact proponents, the Governor and Attorney General, and the CSKT that, if the CSKT Compact doesn’t pass in 2015, the Tribes are going to file “10,000 claims across all of Montana.” This has been an effective scare tactic used to frighten and divide Montanans into accepting a flawed, unlawful, and unconstitutional compact.

The purpose of this article is to put this hoax/ threat/ scare tactic to rest and to remind people that, if the CSKT Compact was so “good for Montana,” these scare tactics would not have to be used as a reason to…

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