Western Montana Water Rights

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Yesterday the Flathead County Commissioners approved a letter of opposition to the CSKT Water Compact to be submitted to the Governor, Attorney Generals office as well as legislators and other decision makers.  Their letter reads:

Governor Bullock and General Fox:

We oppose the proposed CSKT Reserved Water Rights Compact (“CSKT Compact”) as currently written. It will be harmful to Flathead County, as well to the rest of Montana and neighboring states.

This proposed CSKT Compact is the last one to be negotiated in Montana. The other six Montana reservations have entered water right compacts. Significantly, the other six compacts do not grant off-reservation water rights. The proposed CSKT Compact–for the first time–grants these off-reservation water rights to a tribe, which is a new type of water right, and not supported by the Treaty of Hellgate.

A comparison with the other six compacts demonstrates…

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