NOTE: One of Polson’s local newspapers, the Valley Journal, refused to publish the following viewpoint unless the author made changes to suit the newspaper. The author, Michael Gale of Ronan, refused to change the spin to match the goals of the newspaper.

written by Michael Gale:

I guess if you hear it on KPAX News, it’s the truth, Virginia. We have a “New Deal” between Governor Steve Bullock, Attorney General Tim Fox and the CS&K Tribal government and they have entered the “hard sell” mode for their illegal business product.

Would you buy a used car from these folks? How does changing the color of lipstick you’ve put on the PIG, qualify as a new deal? It’s still a pig. Putting tap dance shoes and a tutu on it doesn’t mean it can now dance.

Nothing has changed – except the title (New Deal) and the spiel spewed out by our State government. Global Warming or Climate Change; it remains the same product and goal – to sell an evil concept that has no bearing on reality.

No changes, relative to the myriad of faults found and previously publically stated, have been made to this unconstitutional thievery of a compact. There’s no “new deal”; there’s only a repackaging of the same garbage. The dead skunk is still being hidden under the 6 feet of horse manure they are trying to sell us.

This is an illegal taking of our water rights, throughout Western Montana, not just on a Federal Reservation. Your water rights, OUR water rights are being given to a tribal government, in exchange for WHAT? This is beyond pitiful; it’s putrefied and stinks to high heaven. The political give-away game; they’re giving away your water rights. Time to end some political careers.

Our governor isn’t throwing us under the bus; we’re being thrown under an 18-wheel rig barreling down the interstate. Why, for what gain? Someone needs to ask the thief of Helena. They’ve never even answered the original question: “How much water is required to fulfill the purpose of this disenfranchised (twice) reservation?” Oh, it’s in the abstracts, but we can’t show you or tell you….. Riiiight.

When will the populace of Montana stand up for THEIR rights? When will you all figure out that somebody else isn’t going to do it for you? When will you find your voice?