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The following was written by Jim Greaves of Thompson Falls, MT

Judge Manley’s recent, thinly veiled derisive, and argumentative decision regarding the “secret meetings” by the City Commissioners of Polson for the hiring of its City Manager, in which he denied petitioner’s claims of a violation of the law and the Montana Constitution, reads like a college freshman’s first paper in logic 101.  The entire POINT of open meetings “LAW” is about PROCESS. The City violated PROCESS. They got caught. The judge said “so what?”

Had any one of us violated the process, for example, of registering a vehicle or obtaining insurance on it, we’d be fined – no matter when we eventually got around to it, or got the “do over” from the highway patrol or police.

Too bad we cannot mandate that logic be part of a judge’s repertoire of skills. Judge Manley needs a refresher course in logic.