Cause No. DV-13-265 filed on October 15, 2013 against the City of Polson was intended for injunctive relief and a speedy resolution. However the City and its insurer MMIA have turned it into a full blown factual trial. MMIA f/k/a The Montana Municipal Insurance Authority, is an organization funded by taxpayers’ money. In essence the City and MMIA are using taxpayers’ money to deprive Citizens of Polson their constitutional rights to participate in and know what decisions are made by its City Council.

We are a nation of laws for members of the public to follow and laws that government is required to follow. The Billings Gazette and the Missoulian published a story during Sunshine Week (March 16-22) with high praise for “the Montana journalists and private citizens who exercise their rights to keep our State and local governments open and accountable to the people.” This lawsuit against the City of Polson was brought for a specific reason: to make the City adhere to its constitutional obligation to guarantee its citizens their right to observe the City Council’s deliberations and have knowledge of the City Council’s actions all of the time, not just some of the time.

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