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Is there any hope for honesty and transparency in Polson government? The Missoulian published a story written by Vince Devlin about the resignation of James Raymond, who, according to the story, has been Polson’s city attorney for 15 years. One section is particularly disturbing because it represents the long, ongoing problems between the community and Polson government. It demonstrates the lack of open, honest, transparent government that citizens should be able to expect in all instances. Please read the following remarks from the Polson city manager as reported in the Missoulian:

The commission directed new Polson city manager Mark Shrives, who was hired this fall, to reach a “confidential settlement agreement” with Raymond. “The city is working with another law firm on the agreement,” Shrives said Thursday. “Whatever can remain confidential by law will – we don’t know what that might be, because we haven’t gotten there yet. There will be discussions based on his contract.” [Emphasis added]

This is no simple faux pas. It is not a little blunder or poor choice of words from city manager Mark Shrives. It reveals his attitude. With a community minded attitude he would have said, “Whatever can be made public by law will.”

Vince Devlin’s full story can be read here:
Polson city attorney resigns amid contract dispute