(This piece was published in the Missoulian November 27, 2013)

Polson: Mayor is immature, vindictive

Having been outspoken in the past about the corruption in Polson’s city government, I was pleasantly surprised that the most recent elections went so smoothly, with class shown with each candidate. I thank all the candidates and their hard work while taking the high road and maintaining the dignity and maturity that Polson deserves.

Unfortunately, our current mayor would rather keep unscrupulous corruption in motion. I would like to share what Pat DeVries entertained our citizens with at the council meeting on Nov. 18.

While conducting our council meeting, Pat DeVries wore a bright blue T-shirt with the large numbers “374” clearly displayed to our citizens. Underneath these large bold numbers were smaller numbers labeled as “122.“ She proudly wore this T-shirt throughout the public council meeting and even shared duplicate T-shirts with the other council members during the meeting, which they folded and put in front of them.

It wasn’t until the end of the meeting that our citizens became aware of the meaning of these boldly displayed numbers on the mayor’s T-shirt which she so playfully displayed. The numbers, in fact, represented the results of the Ward 2 election poll results. Jill Southerland at 374 and Murat Kalinyaprak at 122.

DeVries, I am sorry you have taken such a vindictive, unethical and immature avenue to display your gleeful outcome to the election results in Ward 2. Regardless of your position, you were hired by the city of Polson to represent all of our citizens. You have shown us all that you show poor taste, are unpredictable and show an enormous lack of compassion, which I hope is never displayed again in Polson’s history.

Having been to council meetings in the past, your sarcastic giggles and lack of common sense will not be missed.

Linda Ray, Polson