The following piece was published in the opinion section of several local newpapers. It was written by Carolyn Palmquist, Polson.

This letter is to introduce and inform the people of Polson and greater Polson of the presence of a group of concerned and non-partisan citizens who have chosen the name, “Support Responsible Government.” We believe that those who represent us should be open, accountable, and ethical, following the law and not operating behind closed doors. Our mission statement is as follows:

“We believe responsible government is conscientious representation of the people. Citizens have a right to know what their government does, how decisions are made, and how to make their voices heard. We support universal standards of open government, ensuring as much information as possible is available in a timely manner. Effective, accountable government also requires that elected officials and public sector employees put the public interest above special interests and operate with the highest moral and ethical standards”.

One of the major problems Polson is now facing is about needs versus wants. Our immediate needs are problems involving roads, sewer, and water and water rights. Our city is in need of another well. There is little evidence that our leadership is addressing these needs, looking out for the town itself. Wants include a bridge under the bridge, bike paths, an ice skating rink, and an aquatic pool. When the wants of a few are put first at the expense of the needs of most, we cannot have a community that will prosper.

To read more about us and the candidates we will be supporting in the upcoming election, our website is and on Facebook, Support Responsible Government. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please let us hear from you.

Carolyn Palmquist