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The following quote was written by Polson City Manager, Todd Crossett, in his letter asking the Agenda 21 Orton Family Foundation to choose Polson for their Heart & Soul Project.  “Here in Polson, we are on the verge of an extraordinary paradigm shift” and “I regularly use and teach community processes like Gracious Space.”   What is Gracious Space?

Founder of Gracious Space, Bill Grace, reveals what this philosophy is about.  In his Compact for the Common Good, he writes:  “In the context of gracious space, they chart a courageous path forward based on a clear commitment to the common good.”  Mr. Grace continues:

We believe that the well-being and prosperity of any individual, institution or community is contingent upon the well-being of all others.  In our inter-connected global system, it is becoming increasingly clear that none of us will ultimately thrive at the expense of others and our environment.

So, we aspire to the Common Good, a state of existence where resources are stewarded justly to ensure the sustainable well-being of all.  At every level of society–family, business, corporation, nation or global village–this emerging worldview must take root, in order to survive and thrive in an inter-dependent world.   Grace and Associates:  Compact for the Common Good; Our Philosophy

NOT ONLY IS THIS AGENDA 21 BRAND ENVIRONMENTALSIM & GLOBALISM, IT IS PURE SOCIALISM!  I am certain the citizens in this area do not realize the insidious nature of these programs.  Please share this information.