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This piece was written by Linda Ray and published recently in the local paper–The Valley Journal. 

If politics wasn’t frustrating enough on a national level, let’s take a closer look at our local level.  At issue is the Orton Family Foundation’s “Heart and Soul” grant which is being pushed into our community. First, let’s put two common questions to rest with verifiable proof.

1. Is Agenda 21 a conspiracy theory?

Answer: No. Agenda 21 is real and was exposed and rejected by the Republican National Committee in their 2012 platform. The RNC has very harsh words for Agenda 21 and Smart Growth as it is an assault on our property rights as well as our freedom. [Read the RNC Resolution]

2.   Is Polson’s Orton Family Foundation’s “Heart and Soul” part of Agenda 21?Answer: Absolutely. Orton Family Foundation is a MAJOR funder for Smart Growth.  [See Proof Here]

With that said, why would ANY of our local so-called “dedicated” Republicans in the various local “Republican Clubs” push the “Heart and Soul” grant in our community while others turn a blind eye? More political hypocrisy!

It appears some local members are more interested in familiarizing themselves with their county bylaws and planning social events than learning their platform resolutions. Yes, you have dropped the ball and have no one to blame but yourselves. If this is the last opportunity you feel you have to restore the integrity of your party, I suggest you read your platform, support your resolutions and learn some loyalty.

Thank you Janna Taylor for taking a firm stand against the grant in the early stages and to Carmine Mowbry for separating yourself from any involvement with “Heart and Soul” after you did your research. That shows your intentions are to be true to your party.

For those of you in the “good old boy clubs” who are willing to turn a blind eye or compromise your party for personal gain, how could you possibly wonder what went so terribly wrong for you on November 6, 2012?