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The following piece was written by Andrew Speer:

It’s interesting to watch people beginning to come out of the Agenda 21closet.  Penny Jarecki, who formally brought Agenda 21 to Polson, and Daniel Smith who is one of their highly paid local facilitators, made their appearance in local media, promoting their misinformation campaign.

Agenda 21 is not a program, but a philosophy.  In Polson, Agenda 21 has the local names of Orton, Heart and Soul, and Envision. They declare they are not Agenda 21, yet they use all the tactics and have the same goals. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….  Since they hide from the Agenda 21 label, they must know that it is a bad thing.  Republicans have denounced it nationally and at state level.  The Republican Party calls for the refusal of accepting any grant money from such groups as the Orton Family Foundation.

Heart and Soul and Orton have acknowledged that they use many of the “Agenda 21 tools” in their vision of land planning, but their program is more than just land planning. Orton has trained the Heart and Soul group to use methods that shuts down any questions, varying opinions, and free speech.  This method is exactly as described in Rosa Koire’s book, “Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21” on pages 26 through 29. Her book describes the method well; it is as though Rosa was sitting in a Heart and Soul neighborhood gathering as a witness.  More on Agenda 21 can be found at Rosa’s website, DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com.

Daniel’s remark fits the philosphy by suggesting anyone who has a different opinion is a negative voice. The Orton group has also provided Daniel and company with a 4 page instruction document on dealing with opposition, or people with different views. One of their main objectives includes development of a governance system where property rights issues will be decided by non-elected committees which will work outside the city government.

I would love to have a discussion with Penny or Daniel, but that won’t happen. The Polson/Orton/Greater Polson Community Foundation Partnership prevents them from doing that without Orton’s permission.  So much for free speech in Polson.