This post was updated on October 3.  First, a link to an article in the Missoulian was added that describes the irony in Polson being named business friendly just as businesses are closing for good.  Second, I have added a note based on an inquiry I made to the Montana Policy Institute and a closer look at the data.

MPI and American Indicators collected data on Montana’s 25 largest cities and ranked them on criteria that ensure business success and protect the entrepreneurial spirit.

The three categories ranked are Economic Vitality, Business Tax Burden, and Community Allure.

Polson topped the rankings, while Anaconda brought up the rear.

See the full report here.  Missoulian article here.

Note:  I contacted the Montana Policy Institute (MPI) about the irony of the businesses that are leaving.  They explained that these results were meant to be a snapshot in time.  It does not indicate a trend either up or down.  The data for population, for example, used statistics from 2000 to 2010.  There was an increase that occurred earlier, but that has changed.  Three commissioners and the mayor voted to increase taxes a few weeks ago.  I predict that Polson will have a struggle to retain that number one spot.